"PromiseVision 3D is just so seamless and easy and amazing. The people behind the product are extremely helpful and friendly. Honestly, I believe its the best product on the market as far as scopes go."

Dr Puterman, who praised DentaScope's customer service, likes PromiseVision 3D so much that he bought a second one. He says: "I am able to see much more detail and perform surgery with much more precision." He often posts videos on Instagram of his work taken with the 3D system and the capture system setup by DentaScope.

A versatile 3D dental microscope that improves a clinician's ability, diagnostic capabilities and ergonomics. Rated BEST Product (4.9 out of 5 stars)

"The PromiseVision 3D is a game changer and the best product I have ever purchased. My ergonomics and vision are totally improved and therefore I deliver better and more predictable dentistry." [Purchased in December 2019 from DentaScope.]

ROOTS magazine (International Edition) issue 1 2019 featured the Seiler 3D Microscope on its cover. Then at the AAE 2019 - many exciting reviews.

Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co, Inc and 3D Vision, LLC has launched a new 3D dental surgical microscope.

The Promise Vision 3D is not just a regular microscope as it has a heads-up 3D view to facilitate improved posture and ergonomics. The magnification range is from 4.5x to 28x.

IDS 2019 -The Seiler 3D Microscope was touted as one of the top five most innovative products at the IDS for 2019. See 3/19 DPR Reviews of Most Innovative products at IDS

“The 3D Promise simply adds another dimension to dental operating microscopy. Also, my staff loves it. Another paradigm shift!”