Reasons 3D will enhance Practice Profitability:

  • Magnification of 5x to 28x. You cannot treat what you cannot see.
    • Hence, more procedures performed
    • Reduced or no “Redo’s” saving time, money and increasing patient satisfaction
  • Unprecedented depth-of-field (30 mm) nearly eliminated focus adjustments (saving time)
  • Complete peripheral vision allows for smooth four-handed dentistry – saving time
  • Ergonomically, dentist can practice pain free through upright posture that 3D allows (Increasing practice life)

Short-Term ROI

Additional Endodontic Treatments: Treatments/month x $1000/procedure = $____________ Mo

__________ Procedures/month x $1000/procedure = $____________ Mo

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures (e.g. gingival re-contouring, veneers for a new smile, etc.)

Implants done faster with more confidence using Seiler 3D:

__________ /month x $1000/Implant = $____________ Mo

New Patients through word-of-mouth promotion or advertising of “3D Dentistry”

__________ new patients x $1500/new patient visit = $____________

Long-Term ROI

Reduced Practice Hours? _______________ per week or per month:

__________hours x $500/hr = $____________ cost

Short-Term Disability Losses?

__________ months x $10000-$20,000/month = $____________ loss

Early Retirement?

__________ years (prior to age 65) x $200,000/yr = $____________ loss