Strolling through the IDS 2019 exhibition in Cologne, Germany, last month was quite the adventure. There were so many different technologies and products that it was difficult to take everything in. One product that did catch my eye was the new 3D microscope from Seiler Medical. The Promise Vision 3D is not just a regular microscope as it has a heads-up 3D view to facilitate improved posture and ergonomics. A conventional scope allows clinicians to view the treatment area through a lens. The new 3D heads-up view projects the image onto a screen in front of the provider.

The Promise Vision 3D eliminates the normal binocular eyepiece to help improve patient awareness. The natural intuitive 3D image has normal depth perception, which makes it seem like you are working with direct vision. The clarity of the image is exceptional as well. The magnification range is from 4.5x to 28x. The cameras and monitor have an integrated movement to make it convenient to negotiate around the patient. They are also linked to ensure the frame of reference to the teeth being worked on for proper orientation. The depth of field is larger than most scopes at 60 mm and the field of view goes up to 120 mm to visualize the full arch. The addition of 3D glasses makes the view as natural as possible when looking in the monitor.

For those who want to capture images and video, the system allows seamless magnified video images at 60 frames per second. It also allows for clinicians to capture still photos, all with the touch of a foot-pedal. Versatile floor, ceiling, wall and table-top mountings are available to suit your needs. If you want to add a scope to your practice, the Promise 3D is definitely worth a look. ​

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